Friday, April 20, 2018

Poem In Your Pocket

Brandon and Wesley both participated in Poem in Your Pocket this weekend. There were a lot of local businesses that participated. Kids from the Ocean schools went to the participating businesses and read a poem to them in exchange for something. The kids always love to participate. They got donuts, cookies, bagels, candy, and other things for reciting their poems.

Oakhurst Fire Dinner

Stu and I went to the Oakhurst Fire dinner on Saturday night. We had fun hanging out with our friends at the dinner.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring Soccer

Spring soccer has started. Brandon's travel team has played three of their games so far. They have won two and lost one. Brandon scored in the game on Saturday! They also played in a tournament on Saturday morning in Monroe. They won one of the games in the tournament and lost one of the games.
Wesley is also playing soccer. He is playing on Ocean United rec. They have had one game so far. He scored in his game too.

Good Sports Soccer

Wesley played soccer at Good Sports this winter. They had a game every other Saturday night. He really enjoyed playing with this group of boys. At the end of the last game they all got medals.

Home Depot Workshop

We went to the Home Depot kids workshop a few weeks ago and made bird houses.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Lancaster Day 3/ Legoland Discovery Center/ Flyers Game

We started off day 3 at a really good breakfast restaurant. After breakfast we went next door to a store that sold some Amish/Lancaster souvenirs, shoo fly pie, and whoopee pies.
On the way back to our motel we stopped at an Amish farm that had a store next to it where the Amish were selling some of their crafts/food. They also had miniature horses that we were able to go see.
We went back to the motel and went to the petting zoo at our motel. It had been too rainy and muddy to go one of the other days.
We left Lancaster and went to the LEGOLAND Discovery center. There was one small ride, a laser maze, a 4d movie, a climbing structure, and lego building stations.
After LEGOLAND we went to the Flyers game. It was the first Flyers game that Brandon and Wesley went to. We waited near the tunnel to see the players come onto the ice to warm up. The players gave high fives to them. It was also Fan Appreciation Night. Brandon and Wesley both participated in a trivia game prior to the game and both won a prize. We were walking to our seats when they were stopped to see if they wanted to play another trivia game which they did and they won posters and a DVD of a new movie that just came out on DVD. The game was really good. The Flyers won 4-3 in the last few minutes.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Lancaster Day 2

We started day 2 by going to breakfast at our motel and then climbing to the top of the silo at the motel.
Our motel from the top of the silo.
Another caboose at our motel.
We then went to Turkey Hill. We went to the taste lab where we made our own ice cream flavor and got to eat it and we also did the interactive exhibits that they have there. We also got to have a sample of ice cream and samples of ice teas and other drinks that they make.
Our next stop was to tour an Amish house and farm. The Amish don't live in the house that we toured anymore but they used to. The tour guide told us a lot about the Amish.
We went back to the motel after the Amish tour and went on a horse and buggy ride.
Springhouse brewery for dinner
Sunset to end the day