Sunday, January 21, 2018

New York City

We were all off from school/work on Martin Luther King Day so we decided to go to New York for the day. Zack and Kenzie were both off too so they met us at one of our stops and then had lunch with us.

We drove into the city. Our first stop was the Nintendo Store which was a huge hit with both Brandon and Wesley.
We then went to the Lego Store.
Our next stop was the Hershey store.
Our last stop of the day, and the real reason we went to New York, was the NFL experience. Zack and Kenzie met us there. It was a really cool place. There was lots of NFL memorabilia, a 4d movie, the Vince Lombardi trophy, and interactive exhibits.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Snow Days

It snowed on Thursday morning so we did not have school on Thursday or Friday. We probably got about 18 inches. Brandon and Wesley went outside to play late in the afternoon on Thursday when it was still snowing but had lightened up some.
Yesterday we went sledding around the corner from our house with some friends.

Happy Birthday Stu!

Stu's birthday was on January 2nd. After school we went to his parents and brought food in from a Mexican restaurant. We then had birthday cake. A friend had brought the cake when they came for New Year's Eve and we didn't get a chance to eat it so we saved it for his real birthday.

New Year's Eve/ Day

We had a few couples and their kids over for New Year's Eve. The kids had a good time playing together downstairs and the adults hung out upstairs and played the game Would You Rather? Everyone was gone by 10:20 and then the kids went to sleep. None of us made it up to see the ball fall this year.
The next day we went to the firehouse for New Year's Day. We watched the swearing in of the 2018 officers and then went to a few other firehouses that were having parties and hung out at Stu's firehouse.

Winter Break

Brandon was sick the first half of winter break so we didn't do much then. The second half of winter break we were finally able to get out of the house. Here are some pictures from some things that we did.

12 Days of Christmas- The Ice King had the 12 Days of Christmas carved from ice blocks this year. It was so neat to see. Stu knows the owner of the Ice King so he walked us through it and gave us a personal tour. At the end we got to meet the ice carver. He carved Brandon's name and Wesley's name onto ice blocks for us to keep.
Build a Bear
Ice Skating- Both kids did great ice skating. Brandon remembered what to do from previous years right away. Wesley only had gone ice skating once in his life. After he used a plastic thing to push around for a few laps and got used to skating he was able to skate without holding onto anything.
Kane Brewery