Saturday, June 16, 2018

Imagine Dragons

Brandon and Wesley went to their first real concert last weekend. We went to see Imagine Dragons at the PNC Bank Art Center. We had lawn seats which was perfect. They loved it!

Busy Soccer Weekend

Last weekend was a busy soccer weekend. Wesley had his last soccer game of the season on Friday night. His team did really well this season. Brandon's team had a tournament all weekend in Ocean. They had two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday. They tied one game, lost two, and won one. They had an amazing season with only one regular season loss.

4th Grade Celebration

I can't believe Brandon is almost done with elementary school! The fourth grade celebration was at the pool recently. The 4th graders were bussed over and started their day with bagels and donuts from Broad Street Dough Co. Then they played kickball and volleyball and then got to swim. Their was a DJ their too. Then they got pizza for lunch and at the end the Italian Ice truck came. They had raffles that the teachers donated their time too. Brandon won teacher of the day as his 4th grade teacher.

Cub Scout Camp Out

The first weekend in June we went to the Cub Scout camp out and Palaia Park. We borrowed a tent from the Green's. The camp out started with a hike through the park. We then had dinner and then had a camp fire. There was a flag burning that the boys participated in for destroyed flags and then they got to make smores. We didn't go to sleep until around 11. Surprisingly Bradon and Wesley slept great!

Harlem Wizards

The Wizards came to the school district a few weeks ago. We went to the game and had so much fun!

Honey and Humphrey Visit

Brandon's class hamsters, Honey and Humphrey, came to visit Memorial Day weekend. We loved having them as pets for a few days.

New York Yankees Game

Last month we went to a Yankees game. Stu won tickets last year for a game so we picked the game that was on Memorial Day. Our seats were great! Unfortunately the Yankees lost. We had fun despite their loss.