Monday, September 10, 2018

First Day of School

The first day of school was last Thursday. Wesley has Mrs. Holmes for second grade and Brandon has Mrs. Ruland and Mrs. Perkins for fifth grade. Brandon also started middle school. He rides the bus to school for the first time ever. Our neighor, Justin, goes on the bus with him. Both kids like school so far.

Blue Claws Weekend

On Labor Day weekend we went to two Blue Claws games. The first game was on Sunday night. Our friends, the Green's, had season tickets and hadn't used a lot of them so invited the fire department crew to go with them.
The next day we went back to another game. We had tickets from a rained out game to still trade in and Brandon had his friend, Nick's, surprise birthday party there. Wesley's friend, Jack, came with us.

Bowling and Ice Cream with Friends

The Friday before Labor Day we went bowling and out for ice cream with Wesley's friends, Olivia and Kennedy. Wesley went to Ivy Hedge with them and has stayed good friends with them.

Marlboro Tournament

Wesley and Brandon's soccer teams played in the Marlboro soccer tournament a few weeks ago. I am helping coach Brandon's team this year. His team tied one game, won one game, and lost two games. Wesley's team won three games and tied one game.

Red Bulls players

A few weeks ago we met two Red Bulls players at the Soccer Post. They were so nice and really took the time to talk to Brandon and Wesley.

Happy Birthday Papa Jim

Kids Bop Concert

We went to the Kids Bop concert at PNC Bank Art Center on August 19th. We went with some of Wesley's friends and their siblings. It had rained all day prior to the concert but stopped just in time.