Saturday, November 3, 2018

9-11 Museum

Stu and I took the day off from work yesterday and went to the 9-11 Museum.

Halloween 2018

Great Adventure

We went to Great Adventure last weekend. We went on tons of rides and Brandon and Wesley got to see the characters dressed up for Halloween.

Sorrentino's 2nd Annual Halloween Party

Monmouth Basketball Exhibition Game

Last weekend Monmouth basketball had an exhibition game against Caldwell that we went to. It was free to the public. They won by a few points. After the game the team all came to sign autographs. They are a great group of guys who are so appreciative of their fans.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

We Have Been Busy!

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted. We have been busy. This is what we have been up to.

Wesley's soccer game in East Windsor- This is where I played soccer growing up. It was neat seeing one of my kids play on the same fields I played on when I was younger.
Wesley started cub scouts again for the year. He is a wolf this year. The first meeting was a touch a truck event followed by a pack meeting.
We went to a Rutgers football game. They lost but we still had fun.
Both Brandon and Wesley had soccer tournaments on Columbus Day weekend. Wesley's was in Wall and Brandon's was in Hazlet. I am coaching Brandon's team this year and due to that I seem to have less pictures of him playing since I am coaching and not just watching.
We snuck in a visit to Tinton Falls Day on Columbus Day weekend. Wesley and Brandon saw some friends from school so we walked around with them and went on rides with them.
Day 2 of the Columbus Day tournaments. Wesley's team came in first place in the tournament.
More soccer the following weekend. Brandon's team before their game and Wesley played with the white Strikers. I think we live at the soccer fields. Wesley got his soccer number shaved into his head.
And more soccer a few days later. Brandon was the captain for his team with his friend Jameson.
Brandon went to a 5th/6th grade social a few nights ago at his school. His friend, Colin, came over for pictures before they went. He had a great time. There was a dj and lots of games to play.
Paint a pumpkin was the same night at Wesley's school.