Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pregnancy Test

I went to the fertility doctor this morning for a bloodtest to see if I am pregnant. They told me they would call with the results in the afternoon. I checked my phone all day and they finally called around 3:30. The nurse told me that I was pregnant and said that my numbers are high which is great. My level is 485. Now I have to continue to take the progesterone injections, take the estrace pills two times a day, take 5 mg of folic acid, take a baby aspirin, and start lovonox injections. The things you will go through to have a baby. I go on Monday for another blood test. They want to make sure my levels are still increasing. They should quadruple by then. After that I have my first ultrasound where I will find out if it is one or two babies. I should also get a due date around then although based on my due date is October 9th. We will continue to keep you updated.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I am setting up this blog so that our friends and family can follow along with us. We had invitro done this past week. The egg retrieval was done on Thursday, January 17th. The embryologist was able to fertilize 20 eggs and the next day 18 still looked great! I was originally scheduled to have the embryo transfer on Sunday, January 20th but the doctor's office called the day before and said that since they all looked so great they were going to wait two extra days and take them to the blastocyst stage. I had a day 5 transfer done on Tuesday, January 22nd. Two embryos were put back in. We had 11 extra that we froze incase we have to go through IVF again. The embryologist said they all looked great and it was hard for him to decide which two to put back in. I go on Thursday for a blood test to see if I am pregnant. I have been thinking positive thoughts and can't wait to find out. Thank you to our friends and family for being so supportive. It means a lot to us.