Monday, October 31, 2016

Soccer, A Night Out, and Legos

Brandon and Wesley both had soccer games again this weekend.

Wesley's soccer game was the last for him this season. His team did great again and he played well again. He was a completely different kid on the field this year than in the past. He really loved soccer and was very into the game, almost always near where the ball was. After the game we gave out trophies. The kids were so excited to get their trophies.
After the game, we went to Toys R Us. They were having a lego building event. Brandon and Wesley got to build a lego Frankenstein which they were allowed to keep.
One of my co-worker's husband's had a surprise party for her at a bar in Red Bank on Saturday night. Stu and I got a babysitter and went to it. It was nice to be out with friends for a few hours.
On Sunday, Brandon had his soccer game. He played great defense. He had some good kicks. His kick had gotten so much stronger.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Soccer Pizza Party

Wesley had a soccer make up game on Tuesday after school. He played so well. He got the ball a few times and dribbled it up field and came so close to scoring several times. After his game we had a pizza party for the team. Their last game is on Saturday but we had decided to have the pizza party instead of our practice on Tuesday. We then found out we had the make up game but decided it would be fun to have the pizza party after that.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fun Fall Weekend

We had a fun weekend. Wesley's soccer game was cancelled on Saturday since it was raining. In the afternoon we got together with Wesley's friends, Olivia and Kennedy, from when he was at Ivy Hedge. We went to Sky Zone first where we also ran into Wesley's friend, Maddy and Joey. Brandon saw Julian from his soccer team and Chris who goes to school with him so both Brandon and Wesley were very happy.
After Sky Zone we went to Dunkin Donuts.
On Sunday morning, Wesley and Stu ran in the Deal Trick or Trot. Wesley ran in the kids race and Stu ran the 5k.
On Sunday, Brandon had his soccer game. He played really well. He has been playing defense and has been improving so much. He got a soccer ball pin at the end of the game for doing a great job in his position.
After the game, Stu and Brandon stayed home to watch the Steelers game and I brought Wesley to the Tinton Falls Fall Fest. He had fun going to the different vendors to get their giveaways, played a game on the game truck, and went on a pony ride.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Field Trip and Fire Safety Assembly

On Wednesday, Wesley went on a field trip with his class to Casola Farms. This was the first field trip that Stu or I did not go to. I was going to go since parents were allowed to follow the bus or meet the kids at the farm if they wanted to but then my observation was scheduled. Stu had a meeting for work that he couldn't get out of. One of Wesley's friend's moms went so she took some pictures that she texted me. Wesley came home from school that day and told me what fun time he had on his trip.
On Friday, there was a fire safety assembly at Brandon's and Wesley's school. Brandon got picked to be in the assembly. One of the guys from Stu's fire department was there so he took some pictures that he texted to Stu.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Great Adventure and Apple Picking

On Saturday, after Brandon's soccer tournament, we went to Great Adventure. We met up with our friends, Doug and Leigh, and their kids, Tyler and Travis. It was really crowded so Brandon couldn't go on the big rides but they did go on some smaller kids rides. They also went through the character trick or treat area again.
On Sunday, after Brandon's game, we went to go apple and pumpkin picking. There were very few pumpkins left and all were rotten so we only wound up apple picking. There were not many apples left either but we managed to find a few.
After we went to Delicious Orchards where we found some pumpkins on shelves to pose with.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fright Fest Soccer Tournament

Brandon's soccer team was in the Fright Fest Soccer Tournament this weekend. They had two games. They lost the first game 4-3 and won the second game 2-1. For this tournament the teams had to come up with some kind of costume. Since his team is the Ocean Storm one of the players on the team came up with the idea to have shirts that had an actual storm on it. One of the moms designed the shirt and I printed the design onto iron on printer paper and then made the shirts. I also had to paint everyone's numbers onto the back of their shirts. The kids also put lightning tattoos on and wore breast cancer awareness socks since it is breast cancer awareness month.