Sunday, April 23, 2017

Harlem Wizards Game

On Thursday night we went to the Harlem Wizards game. They played against teachers from all three elementary schools in our district and teachers from the middle school. It was a fun game. The most exciting thing was when Brandon was picked to be on the court in between quarters to be blindfolded and win some prizes. He won a Wizards basketball, hat, and wrist band. I bought both kids jerseys so they got to be on the court prior to the game to play with the Wizards.

Ocean United Rec Soccer

Wesley is playing Ocean United Rec Soccer this Spring. He has had two games so far that we were here for (missed the first since we were in Arizona). He is loving it and doing so well. He scored in the first game since the ball bounced off of his leg and into the goal. Yesterday he had a great assist. He has played goalie both games and really understands what he is doing. He has some good saves. He did let a ball in yesterday which he was upset about but he got over it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


On Thursday morning we woke up and drove to Phoenix. When we got there we went to the ASU book store to look around.
After ASU, we went to the Arizona Science Museum. We loved it there! There were a lot of hands on exhibits to do.
There was a building next to the science center that was a maker space building. We went there after the science center. Brandon and Wesley each picked out a wooden animal to put together and color.
We finished off the day with dinner at a brewery near ASU which was recommended by a friend. The next morning we woke up and went to the airport to go back to New Jersey. We had a fun filled vacation in Arizona!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


We went to Sedona the day after we went to the Grand Canyon. Sedona was also about an hour from Williams. When we got to Sedona, we signed up to go on a trolley tour of Sedona. It brought us to two stops that we were able to take scenic pictures.
The tour guide pointed out the McDonald's with the greenish blue arch to us. After the tour we drove to take a picture in front of it. It is the only McDonald's with a greenish blue arch instead of a golden arch. The reason is Sedona wanted it to conform to their neutral colors. The building also was not allowed to say McDonald's on it.
Sedona was pretty but I thought it was too commercialized.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wild West Show and Grand Canyon

The next morning after breakfast we went to a Wild West Cowboy show at the Grand Canyon railway.
We then drove to the Grand Canyon. Stu was there before he met me but it was my first time going. It is unbelievable. When we first got there we went to the Ranger Station. They gave Wesley and Brandon junior ranger books to work on while we were there. They each had to complete 4 pages in the book in order to become a junior ranger and get a junior ranger pin.