Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Week of Summer Before School Starts Again

This past week was my last week of summer before I go back to work. I start work on Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday are professional days and then my new students come to school on Thursday. Brandon's first day of school is also on Thursday. Wesley doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day so he still has a little more than a week left.

This week we had a pretty busy week so that we could get in a few more fun things before school starts again.

On Monday, Brandon, Wesley, and I went to Point Pleasant Boardwalk with two of Wesley's friends from school, Olivia and Kennedy. The kids had fun going on rides together and playing in the arcade together.
On Tuesday night there was a small circus in one of the towns near us that we went to. It wasn't supposed to start until 7:30 but actually started a little later than that. Wesley gave up napping a few weeks ago so by the time it started he was tired. He wound up sleeping through most of the first half. Brandon loved it though and Wesley did like what he saw when he woke up.
On Thursday Brandon, Wesley, and I went to Great Adventure. My mom came with us. Both kids had a lot of fun going on rides and seeing the characters.
On Friday Brandon and Wesley came with me to the podiatrist and for x rays of my toe. I thought I had broken my toe since I accidentally ran over it with Wesley in his stroller at Great Adventure the day before. It turned out just being really bruised and swollen but not broken.
On Friday after dinner Stu and I brought Brandon and Wesley to Seven Presidents Park. They had a lot of fun there.
Yesterday Wesley's friends, Joey and Maddy, from school had an end of summer/ beginning of school year party that we went to. There were two other families there from his school too. Both kids had an excellent time. They spent a lot of time swimming and also jumping on the trampoline at the house they were at and playing on the swingset. There were a lot of siblings Brandon's age.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Making the Most of the Last Few Weeks Before School Starts

We had a fun week this week. Last Sunday we went out to dinner to celebrate Papa Jim's 80th birthday! It was also Grandma Marsha and Papa Earle's 45th anniversary!
On Wednesday and Friday we went to Hurricane Harbor. Both boys had so much fun.

On Thursday morning Brandon and Wesley came with me to my school so I could do a few things in my classroom.
Then we went to the pool for the afternoon with Wesley's friend, Olivia.
Yesterday Stu was teaching at the fire academy but I brought Brandon and Wesley to the beach. Brandon loves to body surf and spent most of his time doing it.
We then went to Belmar. We went to the Beach Haus brewery which opened a few months ago for a tour and tasting and then we went out to dinner at 9th Avenue Pier. It is right on the water and they had a band playing.
I can't believe we only have one more week left of the summer before I go back to work and then Brandon starts school in 1 1/2 weeks. Wesley doesn't start until the day after Labor Day so has a little more time off than Brandon and me. This summer is going be too fast.

Italian Festival and Beach

The week before we went on our vacation was the Italian Festival. I brought Brandon and Wesley to it two of the nights that we were home. Stu was working at the beer tent with the fire department.
We also spent the day at the beach. A bunch of our friends were there to hang out with.
Wesley also went to his friend, Anthony S.'s, birthday party at the Asbury Park Sprayground.