Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monmouth County Fair

Last night we went to the Monmouth County Fair with my parents and our friends, Bob, Sommer, Sydney, and Addison. Brandon and Sydney enjoyed watching the Circus at the fair, seeing the animals, eating pizza, and going on some rides. The only ride that Brandon could go on was the merry go round because the kids had to be 36 inches to go on rides. He wanted to go on the train ride with Sydney and I asked the guy who operated the ride if he could go on and was told yes. I sat Brandon down next to Sydney and the guy came over and said he couldn't go on. Brandon was not at all happy that I removed him from the ride. He was very mad at me even though it was the guy. I couldn't believe the guy had said he could go on and then changed it once he was seated. Brandon did go on the merry go round twice and loved it.

Addison, Sydney, and Brandon

Brandon loved playing in the front loader


Brandon has been into sharing his food and sippy cup lately. He tries to share it with me, stuffed animals, and pictures of people that he knows. Yesterday he decided that Elmo needed some of his milk.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Use for Stacking Rings

Brandon LOVES to wear his stacking rings as bracelets. They even match his outfit today.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Visit from Brandon's Cousins

Aunt Debbie, Uncle Rich, Ben, and Zack came to visit on Tuesday. We saw them for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon and then last night we went to Stu's parents house for dinner to see them. Brandon enjoyed seeing them as always.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Day

Brandon, Stu, and I went to my parents beach house today in Point Pleasant. As soon as we got to the beach Brandon took off for the water. He had so much fun playing in the water and getting splashed by the waves.

He then played with the sand toys for a little while but really wanted to be in the water.

My dad went back to the beach house to get a small inflatable pool that they had. We had seen someone else on the beach with one so that is where we got the idea. It was perfect. We filled it with ocean water and Brandon LOVED playing in it.

New Jersey Ice Cream Festival

Yesterday Stu, Brandon, my parents, and I went to the New Jersey Ice Cream Festival in Toms River. We got to try ice cream from probably 10 places. Brandon loved trying the different flavors. There was also a band that he enjoyed listening to and dancing to.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sesame Place

Brandon, Stu, and I went to Sesame Place today. Aside from the ridiculous amount of money it costs to get in and the extremely hot weather we had a lot of fun. We met up with my friend Tara, her husband Paul, and her son Brandon. The week before at Brandon's party I had mentioned we were going to be going to Sesame Place today and Tara said they were planning on going too so we decided to meet up. We had a good time hanging out with them there. We went in the tidal pool, Ernie's Waterworks (a sprayground), on a water ride where we sat in a tube, on the merry go round, and flying Elmo ride (like Dumbo but with Elmo). We also saw the parade, a show with the characters, and the characters. Brandon LOVED the characters...especially Elmo who is his favorite. He gave Elmo a high five, hug, and kiss.

Developmental Clinic Appointment

Brandon had his developmental clinic appointment yesterday. We saw Dr. Alemany for it. He was very happy with how well Brandon is doing. He didn't have any concerns. We did talk to him about the fact that Brandon has been having such a hard time sleeping at night. He only wants to sleep if I am holding him. If not he wakes up crying hysterically and jumping up and down in his crib until I come in. It has gotten a lot worse lately so that it is going on all night. Before he would only wake up 1 or 2 times. We are going away at the end of July and when we get back we are going to have to start the cry it out method with him. I am going to have to put him to sleep awake (I admit I still rock him to sleep) and let him cry 5 minutes, then go in to tell him it is bed time and let him cry 10 minutes, then go in and tell him it is bed time and let him cry 15 minutes. He said not to exceed 15 minutes. At that point I go in everty 15 minutes. Eventually he will fall asleep from exhaustion. Dr. Almenany said the first night is hard, the second night is harder, the third night is usually hard too but usually by the fourth night the crying doesn't go on as long and usually after a week the child will go to sleep relatively easy. It is going to be tough but I think it has to be done.

After his appointment we went to visit the NICU. We saw several nurses that had Brandon a few times when he was in the NICU and all of the other neonatologists.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 Year Well Visit

Brandon went to the pediatrician yesterday for his 2 year well visit. The doctor was very happy with how well Brandon is doing. He does want to see him back in 6 months to check on his development. Brandon is 33 1/4 inches long which puts him in the 25th percentile for his real age. He was 31 inches at his last appointment when he was 18 months old so he grew over 2 inches in 6 months. He weighs 22 pounds, 4 ounces naked. He is on the low end on the growth chart but the doctor was not concerned. Especially since he gained 2 pounds in 2 months. Brandon got one shot and blood taken to test for lead and something else. He didn't cry when he got his shot but was about to. He had his finger pricked to give blood and that didn't bother him at all or having the nurse squeeze his finger to get the blood out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Brandon's Party

Brandon's birthday party was yesterday afternoon. We had it at our house and set up 4 pools for the kids and a bounce house. The kids also had our swing set, sandbox, and water table to play with. It was a great party. Brandon had so much fun going in the pools and playing with his friends all afternoon. He was in such a happy mood the whole time. His party was an Elmo theme since he loves Elmo. He was so excited to see the Elmo balloons, cake, and cupcakes. There were 12 kids around Brandon's age there and five older kids. Brandon's preemie friends (the ones whose parents I have been going out to dinner with each month) were among the kids there. We had between 30 and 35 adults between parents of the kids, close friends, and family. Thank you to everyone for making Brandon's party so enjoyable for him.

the cake, cupcakes, and favors

the birthday boy- I got the Elmo romper from



Logan and Dylan


Dylan and Brandon

bouncing with Morgan



Tommy hitting the pinata

Brandon and Danny

Brandon and his friend, Brandon

eating his cupcake

Brandon's preemie friends and their moms

having fun in the pools