Thursday, June 26, 2008


I had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Gonzales, my high risk doctor. The baby is weighing 1 pound, 9 ounces and is in the 42nd percentile which the doctor says is good. The baby has plenty of fluid and is looking good. My cerclage is holding and the doctor said he is happy that I have one since my cervix is down to 2 cm. Last week I saw Dr. Henderson, one of my regular ob's and he also said everything looks good and said a few times that we are probably out of the woods. Both doctors said to continue lying down and reclining but I am allowed to get up yo get drinks and food and to shower. I am also allowed to go to the fireworks on the 4th and a few other things if I sit in a reclining chair. It will be nice to get out of the house. I will try to post updated ultrasound pictures in the next few days.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

How quickly things change

I was home alone on the morning of May 18th when I felt like my water broke. I quickly called Stu and my doctor, Dr. Henderson, who told us to meet him at Monmouth Medical Center. Once we got there the doctor did an ultrasound and confirmed that our daughter's sac had broken. When this happens preterm it is called premature rupture of membranes. We were told the chance of her surviving was very slim since her lungs would not develop without fluid. We were also told there was a good chance that we would lose our son. We then met with Dr. Nath, the high risk doctor who told us every possible scenario. I was eventually moved to a room in antepartum where I started bedrest. A week and a day after I went into antepartum I started having 1-2 contractions an hour and around three thirty pm pn Memorial Day I delivered our baby girl who did not make it since she was born a little over 20 weeks. Babies are noy viable until 24 weeks at the earliest. After I delivered her Dr, Gould gave me one shot to stop contractions. My cervix then closed on its own and the boy stayed inside. We saw Dr. Gozales the next day who did a scan and said everything looked good. The following Saturday I had a cerclage put in and the next day, 2 weeks after I went in, I got to come home to do bedrest at home. We are thinking positive thoughts for our son and taking things a day at a time,