Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming in the Big Pool

I brought Brandon to the pool in our town today. Stu, Brandon, and I got a membership to it this year. The membership was free since Stu is a vounteer firefighter in town. One of the perks to him being a firefighter. Brandon has been loving playing in his wading pool in the backyard so I figured we would try the big pool. I put him down so I could take off my cover up. When I finished I took his hand and he walked right to the pool, climbed down the steps like he has been going into the pool forever, and LOVED being in the pool. He could stand on the bottom right in front of the stairs. He also enjoyed having me bring him out into deeper water. He didn't want to get out but it was only 83 today and he was starting to get chilly after 20 minutes or so. We will definitely be going to the pool a lot this summer. I couldn't take pictures since it was just me and Brandon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Eating with a Spoon and some other random things

Most of the time Brandon still eats his food with his hands. He likes to try to use a spoon or fork but he isn't always able to get the food on. Today he was eating macaroni and cheese for lunch and reached for the spoon that I used to scoop it out of the container for him to eat. It was a regular sized spoon, not a baby spoon but he did a really good job with it. He was able to scoop the macaroni and cheese onto the spoon and put it in his mouth pretty easily. I guess my baby is growing up!

Brandon has been giving me a ton of kisses lately. It is really cute because he initiates them. He also now puckers his lips for kisses instead of giving open mouthed kisses.

Brandon had a pulminologist appointment the day before we left for Vermont. Dr. Sembrano said Brandon sounds good. He told me that I could stop the pulmicort and see how he does. We are keeping him on singulair still at least for a few more months. Brandon weighed 22 pounds, 1.4 ounces on the scale at the pulminologist.

Brandon continues to say the word dog. He also has said the word mug a few times since yesterday. He said it this morning when I took a mug out to put my coffee in. He also keeps saying the word bob over and over again since Friday but I am not sure what he is talking about when he says it. He had speech today and said it very clearly for Jessica, his DI.

Avi's Bar Mitzvah

On Saturday we went to Avi's Bar Mitzvah. Avi is my friend Laurie Ann's son. We had a good time at the Bar Mitzvah. Brandon even did some more dancing when he was there.

Pictures from the Babysitter

Here are some pictures that Brandon's babysitter from the school year sent to me of him from his last few weeks there. The other kids in the pictures are her children, except for the picture with 5 children in it. The other little boy in the picture also went to his babysitter. He loves the kids.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Burlington, Vermont

Stu, Brandon, Stu's parents, and I went to Burlington, Vermont from Tuesday until today. We had a really good time there. Brandon was pretty easy to travel with...especially considering what a long drive it was to get there. The drive was 7 hours and he did really well both ways. We stayed in a house on Lake Champlain. It was really beautiful there. We went to Vermont Teddy Bear, Ben and Jerry's, Lake Champlain Chocolate, the Echo Aquarium, and Magic Hat Brewery. We also went out to eat dinner at some really good restaurants.


We went to Burlington, Vermont from Tuesday until today. One night we went to dinner at an outside restaurant on the lake. There was a band that started playing when we were in the middle of dinner. Brandon got out of his high chair and ran up to the band and started dancing. He spent probably about an hour there watching and dancing until we finally left. Here is one of the videos I took of him. He is way too cute!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Such a Ham

This is what Brandon does most of the time now when I ask him to smile.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Stu, Brandon, my parents, Stu's parents, and I went to Storybook Land today. It is in Egg Harbor Township which is a little over an hour from where we live. Brandon had a great time there. It is a really cute place. There are houses from different story books. You push a button at each and it tells you the story and has characters that move. Some of the houses they had were Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Little Pigs, the shoe from the Old Lady Who Lived in the Shoe, the cradle from Rock a Bye Baby, and a lot more. There was also a maze for Alice in Wonderland that had a slide to slide into the rabbit hole. At Christmas time there is a Santa display and Santa is at Storybook Land. Even though he wasn't there now there was a display set up with snowmen and an igloo that Brandon went into. They also had the North Pole which was a pole covered with ice. Brandon enjoyed touching it. There are also rides there. Brandon was able to do almost all of the rides as long as he was with an adult. He loved the rides. His favorites were the ones that spin around. There was also a spray park there so he was able to cool off since it was in the high 90s.

After Storybook Land we all went back to Stu's parents for dinner. It was a really nice day.