Thursday, June 23, 2016

Parties and Crayola Factory

Last Saturday was a very busy day. We had three parties that were back to back/ overlapped. The first party was for Wesley's friends, Ava and Jack, from school. It was at a gymnastics place. Wesley had a lot of fun at it. He even did the zip line a few times.

After that party we had Rebecca's party. It was at her grandparents' house. Rapunzel came and did some things with the kids.
These three were all born within a week of each other
The last party was Wesley's t-ball party. It was at the house of one of his coaches. The kids got their trophies which Wesley was so excited to get.
On Monday Stu had an eye appointment in Pennsylvania. Wesley came with us since he is done with school. After the appointment we went to the Crayola Factory. He loved it there.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Brandon's last day of 2nd grade was today. He had a fantastic year. His teacher, Mrs. Weldon, was great for him.

Father's Day

Stu had a nice Father's Day yesterday. I brought the kids to swim lessons in the morning when he went running. We then went to buy flowers to plant and hang at our house, went to Costco to get food for Father's Day dinner, went to the outlets, went to a new brewery in the town next to ours that opened this weekend, and ended the day with both of our parents over for dinner. Both kids made Stu presents at school where they had to answer questions about Stu. They did a pretty good job!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

PreK Graduation

Wesley's preK graduation was on Thursday night. They had it at Shore Regional High School. Wesley almost refused to do the graduation. When it was time for his teachers to take him to where they were starting he started to cry and say he didn't want to graduate. But he pulled himself together and did it. The graduation lasted for about an hour. First the kids sang songs. All of the kids sang them but some of the kids came up front for each song. Wesley was in front for the dog song and also for the Spanish colors song.
After graduation the kids each got a bucket full of things from Ivy Hedge and then got pictures with some friends.
I also took some pictures at our house before leaving for graduation.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Day of School Pictures

The morning crew- these kids all came earlier like Wesley
Best Buddies- Olivia, Kennedy, and Wesley

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Last Day of PreK

Today is Wesley's last day of pre K. I have such mixed emotions about today. I am excited for him that he will be graduating tomorrow night and going to elementary school in September. I am also sad to see his time at Ivy Hedge coming to an end. He has had such wonderful, caring, nurturing teachers during his 4 years there. He has made so many wonderful friendships with the kids. I hope next year in kindergarten is as wonderful as it has been at preschool.
His first day of pre K.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Brandon's 8th Birthday Party

Brandon had his birthday party on Saturday. His birthday is not until July but I wanted to have it before school ends for the year since he loses a lot of classmates due to the summer. About half of the kids from his class were able to come along with some friends from Project Extend (before and after care) and a few family friends. He really wanted a sports party this year. I saw that the Monmouth County Park System had a sports party so we decided to try that. He loved it! The kids played basketball, soccer, and kickball. After playing the sports there was a party room for pizza and cake. It was a great birthday. Brandon had a smile on his face the entire time.