Monday, February 24, 2014

Beautiful Winter Day

Saturday was a beautiful day outside. The weather got up to 60 degrees. We decided to bring up the bikes and practice riding them. Brandon did a great job riding his bike. Bike riding has not been an easy thing for Brandon and he often gets frustrated and needs help starting to pedal. This time he was able to start pedaling on his own each time and kept going. Towards the end of bike riding he was going really fast on his bike. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so he can practice more.

100th Day of School

Brandon celebrated the 100th day of school last Wednesday. He made a necklace out of 100 fruit loops at school and 100 glasses at after care. For a homework assignment he had to glue 100 of something onto poster board. He chose to glue 100 marshmallows. He did a great job counting out 10 groups of 10 marshmallows and then glued them in the shape of a 100.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started with a delayed opening for all of us since it had snowed the day before and school was closed the day before because of the snow. Once Brandon and Wesley woke up we gave them their Valentine's Day gifts. Brandon got a stuffed Luigi that he has really wanted (he got Mario for Hanukkah) and Wesley got a book from one of his favorite series that he didn't have yet. Both kids were very happy with their gifts.
I then made heart pancakes for Brandon and Wesley which were a big hit. All I did was take frozen pancakes and use a heart cookie cutter that we have.
Both Brandon and Wesley had Valentine's Day parties at their schools. Brandon came home with a big bag of Valentine's Day cards from his friends. Wesley's will come home next week since not all kids brought their cards to school yet.

After school Stu and I decided to bring Brandon and Wesley to go see The Lego Movie. They both really wanted to see it once they started seeing the previews on tv. We then went out to dinner at Coaches.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What We Have Been Up To

Wesley played with his trains.
Brandon wrote his name and his friends names on Valentine cards.
Wesley put on daddy's shoes.
Brandon made crowns for Wesley and him to wear.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Snow Day

It snowed again yesterday. My school and both Brandon and Wesley's schools were closed. We went outside to play for awhile when the snow was almost done. I have to say I am actually sick of all of the snow we have been getting. We haven't had this much snow (or this many days off from snow) in a long time. Both my school and Brandon's school have used all 3 built in snow days that we had. So any more days we have off from snow will be taken off of Presidents Day for Brandon or spring break for both of us. We both have a delay today since it was still icy out this morning and there is another storm predicted for tomorrow which may close schools and possibly a storm this weekend as well.