Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Pictures

Point Pleasant Weekend

This past weekend Stu, Brandon, Wesley, and I went to Point Pleasant for the weekend. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew were visiting along with my cousins and their families and my aunt and uncle and my parents. It was so nice to see everyone. The last time all of us had seen each other was 2 1/2 years ago. On Saturday we spent the morning at the beach. We went out to dinner together that night and then to the boardwalk where the kids had a lot of fun going on rides and playing games. We also spent a lot of time swimming in the pool over the weekend.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Week

This past week Wesley had his appointment at the ENT. One of his tubes fell out already. He got them in last August. The ENT said 8-12 months is usually how long the tubes last. Brandon's were removed after 2 years since they hadn't fallen out on their own. I am hoping now that Wesley has one out he doesn't start with the ear infections again.
The next day Brandon had a dentist appointment. He loves his dentist. We go to a pediatric dentist and everyone there is so great with the kids. Wesley has his first appointment coming up in a few weeks which should be interesting. He covered his face the whole time Brandon's teeth were getting cleaned and said hurt me. Brandon has his first cavity which will get a filling in a few weeks. I am really good about brushing his teeth but the dentist said it is because of where the grooves are on his tooth that he got one. In between our appointments we did get out of the house and did a few things.

We went food shopping at Wegman's.

Brandon and Wesley went to swim lessons at Miss Jamie's pool. The boys have been going there since school ended. Brandon is doing really well. He has had a few foam pieces removed from his vest already which makes him do more of the work to swim.

Below is a video of Brandon swimming. For some reason it is in fast motion. I can't figure out how to post videos since they redid blogger.

Brandon and Wesley played with toys and the Wii at our house.

They also drew on the chalkboard and made pictures. The first picture Brandon drew is a picture of our family and the second picture says My mommy is best. I had gone upstairs to get dressed and when I came back down Brandon gave it to me. He wrote it all on his own.

I also brought the boys to junglerama. It used to be a place called jungleriffic that we loved going to. It closed and was bought by someone else and renamed jungelerama. The boys were so excited to go there and play. Wesley's friend, Ava, met us there, and my friend Nancy did too with her kids, Justin, Colin, and baby Norah.

Wesley was so tired from playing at junglerama that he fell asleep while eating his lunch.

Ava's Birthday Party

Last Sunday we went to Ava's 2nd birthday party. It was at her house. There were pools set up which the kids loved going in and also a small bounce house and Ava's swingset to play on. The party had a Sophia the First theme which was really cute.