Monday, March 27, 2017

Dinosaur Show With Laila

Brandon went to see a dinosaur show at Count Basie yesterday with his friend, Laila, from school and her grandmother. She got the tickets for her birthday and was allowed to choose one friend to go with her and one grown up so she chose Brandon as her friend. They also had tickets for the meet and greet so they got to see a lot of the dinosaurs from the show up close. Brandon's friend, Colin, was also at the show so they were excited to see him there too. After the show, Laila's grandmother brought them to dinner at the diner. Brandon came home from the show and dinner to tell us what a great time he had at the show. Her grandmother was nice enough to send me pictures from the day.

St. Patrick's Day

Friday, March 17, 2017

NIT Tournament

Monmouth University unfortunately did not make the NCAA tournament this year. They won their first game in the MAC tournament but lost their second game to Sienna which knocked them out. They did make the NIT tournament. We went to their first game on Tuesday since it was a home game. They played really well until the end when they fell apart and unfortunately lost. We did have fun seeing Justin Robinson play one last time. We also got to see him score his 2000th career point!

Last Basketball Game

Brandon had his last basketball game of the season the first weekend in March. After the game his coach gave out trophies to the kids. Brandon had a great basketball season. He had great coaches and really improved SO much with everything. He has really shown me that when you put your heart into something and give it your best you can succeed!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Monmouth Basketball With Our Friends

We went to the last Monmouth home basketball game last week with Wesley's best friend, Olivia, from Ivy Hedge and her parents. Monmouth beat Sienna but it was a very exciting game down to the last couple of seconds.
After the game they had a ceremony for the graduating seniors. This group of seniors has the record for the most amount of wins. They have been an unbelievable team. We are sad that they are losing so many of their great players, especially Justin Robinson.

Dr. Seuss Week

Brandon and Wesley had Dr. Seuss week at school in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Wesley, especially, was so excited for the different theme days that they had.

Dress Like a Seuss Character
Crazy Hair Day
Mismatched Sock Day
Clash Day
Pajama Day
At Book Bingo on Thursday night at school