Monday, March 31, 2014

DJ's Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to Wesley's friend, DJ's, birthday party. Brandon is best friends with DJ's sister, Shane. We went to the firehouse first to see the fire trucks. Stu showed the kids the fire trucks and then the kids got to sit on the trucks. Then we went back to DJ's house and all of the kids had fun playing downstairs together.

Dow Avenue Semi Formal

Brandon's school had a family semi formal last Thursday night from 6-7:30. The four of us went. Brandon loved seeing his friends that were there and dancing with us. Wesley enjoyed the snacks and kept making us go back to lobby to get more.


Brandon is playing t-ball this year for the first time. He is playing in Ocean Township Little League and t-ball is for kids ages 4-6. He has had two practices so far and seems to enjoy playing so far. His first game is this Saturday. We picked up his uniform last weekend. He is on the Orioles this year. He was very proud of his uniform.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pajama Day and World Down Syndrome Day

Wesley wore pajamas to school today for pajama day and crazy socks for World Down Syndrome Day. He was so excited to wear his Jake pajamas and a cookie monster sock on one foot and Elmo sock on the other foot.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Thomas' 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to our friend Maureen and Greg's son, Thomas', first birthday party. They had a magic show at the party which was great. Brandon was picked to help with the first trick.

A Visit With Nolan

Brandon and Wesley's cousin, Nolan, came to visit this weekend since my brother and his wife were here for a wedding. It was so cute seeing the cousins interact together. They really enjoyed seeing each other.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Almost Spring

The weather yesterday was beautiful. It was 67 degrees when I was driving home from work so when we got home I brought Brandon and Wesley out back to play. They both loved it and didn't want to come in when it was time for dinner. I can't wait until the weather stays this warm.

Asbury Park St. Patrick's Day Parade

Asbury Park had there first St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday. We decided about a half hour before the parade started that we wanted to go. Brandon really enjoyed the parade. He especially loved the candy that the people in the parade were throwing to the children. Wesley spent the entire parade crying hysterically in his stroller saying he wanted to go back to the car. He did not like the noises in the parade (fire truck sirens, bag pipes, float music, etc) because he said it was all too loud. I am sure if there had been no noise in the parade he would have loved the parade. One of Brandon's best friends, Shane, was sitting across the street from us before the parade started so we crossed the street to sit with her and her family. Brandon was so excited to see Shane. After the parade we ran into my friend, Heather, her husband, and their daughters, Jen and Olivia, who Brandon is friends with so he had fun running around with them before we went home.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fan Fest

Yesterday the Lakewood Blue Claws (the minor league baseball team closest to us) was having Fan Fest so Stu, Brandon, Wesley, and I decided to go. The weather was also warmer than it has been (55 degrees) so we wanted to do something outside. Everyone had a lot of fun there. We wound up meeting up with my friend Nancy, her husband, and three kids there. They had pony rides which both boys loved, a bounce house, free food, and we went on a tour of the stadium. They also had tickets for sale for individual games including one weekend where all tickets are one dollar each. We decided to buy tickets for dollar weekend so we will go in a month and see how the boys like watching a baseball game.