Friday, September 22, 2017

My Miracle

I will never forget what a miracle this child is. He was born at 26 weeks after I delivered his twin sister at 20 1/2 weeks. I see firsthand from a preemie message board that I am a part of how much children being born at that gestation vary in disabilities. Yet except for still needing speech and being on the shorter side for his age, Brandon is thriving. He is playing soccer and improving so much. He is doing great in school. He doesn't let anything hold him back.

We were not able to go to the NICU walk again this year because of Brandon's soccer game. I did take his picture after his game, holding his picture from the day he was born. One of the NICU nurses we had posted that they were looking for pictures of NICU graduates holding their picture from when they were born for a special project the NICU is doing. I wish I had known on the day he was born how wonderful he would turn out. I worried for months about if he would even survive and here he is not only having survived but doing great. I hope other families who are going through what we went through 9 years ago can look at him and see that there is a good chance their premature baby will be okay.

Game 2 Win

Brandon's soccer team won their game again last Sunday. They played Lakewood and won 3-2. Brandon had an assist on one of the goals.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blue Waves

Wesley is on the Blue Waves this year for rec soccer. This is the first year it is all boys on his team. It is a mix of first and second grade boys and they are playing on a bigger field this year with goalies. Wesley had a good first game yesterday. He had a few shots on goal and some good dribbling. In rec soccer score is not officially kept and winning and losing is not really tracked but our team did win 1-0.

Warriors Black

Brandon is on a new travel soccer team this year, Warriors Black. Black is a new Warriors team this year. They had their first soccer game last Sunday and played really well together for their first time. They won 6-0 and Brandon scored a goal! At half time the score was already 6-0. Once a team is winning by 6 they are not allowed to score. They can just pass to each other to try to keep it away from the other team. Brandon was chosen to be one of the captains so he got to go to the ref in the beginning of the game to participate in the coin toss.

Monmouth University Soccer Game Half Time

Brandon's travel soccer team played half time at the Monmouth University soccer game last Saturday night.

242 Forever Day

Last weekend we went to 242 Forever Day. It was started when our friend, John Green, who was Ocean cop 242 passed away and raises money for families with cancer. Brandon and Wesley had a lot of fun there. They had bouncy slides, face painting, tattoos, spin art, games, and Italian ice. Wesley's friend, Issy, was there so the two of them had a lot of fun hanging out together.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Day of School

Brandon and Wesley had their first day of school on Thursday. They both came home saying how much they liked their teachers and how much fun the first day was. Wesley has Mrs. Kobil who Brandon had in first grade. Brandon has Mr. Ruane.

Statue of Liberty

On Labor Day we went to the Statue of Liberty. Our friend, Shawn, is a park ranger there. He was able to get us in for free and he spent the time with us there. We went to the pedestal of the Statue and saw a little of Ellis Island. Brandon and Wesley did the junior ranger program and were sworn in as junior rangers. We had a great time!