Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

We went to fireworks on July 3rd since our town has them that night. Stu's fire department is on standby during the fireworks so they always have a barbeque at the park. Brandon couldn't wait to go to it this year. He loves fireworks and was so excited to see them. I wasn't sure how Wesley would like the fireworks. Last year he was sick so wasn't able to see them and lately he has a fear of everything. He was excited to run around at the barbeque and see his friends. When the fireworks started he was initially in awe of them but then started telling me the fireworks were going to hurt him and was covering his eyes. His cousin Ben and Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rich met us at the fireworks a little bit before they started. Part way through Wesley wanted to sit with Ben. Brandon had been sitting on Ben's lap watching the whole time. Wesley fell asleep against Ben watching the fireworks.
Yesterday Brandon and Wesley had swimming lessons on the morning. Brandon is really starting to do a good job. The teacher has them wearing konfidence life jackets during swimming lessons. There are foam pieces that get taken out as the kids start swimming. Brandon got his first foam piece taken out yesterday.

Later in the day we met Ben, Debbie, and Rich at the beach. Brandon loved the beach. He has no fear at all when it comes to the ocean. He kept running in and jumping in the waves. Wesley wasn't a huge fan of the water at first but warmed up and eventually was running in too.

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