Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started with a delayed opening for all of us since it had snowed the day before and school was closed the day before because of the snow. Once Brandon and Wesley woke up we gave them their Valentine's Day gifts. Brandon got a stuffed Luigi that he has really wanted (he got Mario for Hanukkah) and Wesley got a book from one of his favorite series that he didn't have yet. Both kids were very happy with their gifts.
I then made heart pancakes for Brandon and Wesley which were a big hit. All I did was take frozen pancakes and use a heart cookie cutter that we have.
Both Brandon and Wesley had Valentine's Day parties at their schools. Brandon came home with a big bag of Valentine's Day cards from his friends. Wesley's will come home next week since not all kids brought their cards to school yet.

After school Stu and I decided to bring Brandon and Wesley to go see The Lego Movie. They both really wanted to see it once they started seeing the previews on tv. We then went out to dinner at Coaches.

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Allie said...

Sounds like Brandon and Wesley had a great Valentine's Day this year! Unfortunately I had a bad cold on Valentine's Day but I seem to be getting better.