Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pirate Ship

Yesterday we went on a pirate ship with families from Wesley's class at school. Brandon and Wesley and all of the other kids had so much fun. When we got to where the pirate ship was the kids got to have tattoos painted on their arms and got to have their faces painted. Brandon had a butterfly painted on his arm and a mustache painted on his face. Wesley chose to not have anything painted. Then the kids got to pick out vests to put on to dress like pirates. We bought them bandanas to wear. Then the kids and families were ready to go on the pirate ship. The pirate ship sailed for a little over an hour. While on board the kids helped to find a buried treasure chest that was in the water. Brandon was very into it as I suspected he would be and Wesley surprised me by being into it too. I knew he would like it if he let himself but thought he would be attached to me like he is in most situations. He sat with the kids and a lot of the times went to the part of the ship where they were.

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