Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soccer Game, Birthday Party, Seafood Festival, and Big Steps for Little Feet Walk

Brandon had his third soccer game this season yesterday. He is getting so much better. He had some really good kicks.
After the game Brandon went with my parents to Point Pleasant and I brought Wesley to his friend Justin's birthday party. Justin goes to school with Wesley so there were a lot of boys from his school. Wesley had so much fun. The party was at Bounce U and Wesley loved going on the bounce houses and slides there.

After the party Stu, Wesley, and I joined my parents and Brandon in Point Pleasant for the Seafood Festival.

Today we went to the Big Steps for Little Feet Walk that benefits the NICU where Brandon spent the first 12 weeks of his life. All 4 neonatologists that took care of Brandon were at the walk this year along with some of the nurses that took care of him. We also saw some families that we are friends with there. It is a great walk and something we will continue to do each year to show our gratitude. There was face painting, sand art, and tattoos that Brandon and Wesley enjoyed doing.

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