Monday, October 13, 2014

Firetruck Visit, Birthday Party Weekend, and Beach

In the beginning of the month Stu's fire department went to Wesley's school for fire prevention month. Stu went one of the days and Wesley was so excited to see daddy there.
We had a busy weekend with two birthday parties. Yesterday we went to Jack's first birthday party. It was at the firehouse. Wesley had a really good time at the party since a lot of his friends were there. Brandon didn't enjoy it as much since there weren't any kids his age there. Both kids enjoyed decorating picture frames at the party.
This morning Stu took the kids and Hershey to the beach to run around and throw the ball to Hershey. I had a professional day at work so I couldn't join them.
Then Brandon went to Stu's parent's house and Stu brought Brandon to his friend Kyle's birthday party. Kyle goes to school with Wesley. The party was at his house and it was a Superhero party. Wesley wore a Batman shirt that had a cape attached to it. He was so excited to wear it. Stu said that Wesley had a good time at the party. A lot of his friends from school were there and Superman showed up at the party along with a woman who did face painting. Wesley had his face painted like a pirate.

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