Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween and Bowling Birthday Party

Brandon and Wesley both loved Halloween this year.

On Thursday and Friday Wesley had a Halloween parade and party at his school. I went on Thursday and Stu and both sets of grandparents went on Friday. On Thursday Wesley was so happy when he was walking in the parade. After the parade his class sat down to sing some songs and then Wesley started pouting and saying he was going to miss me. He refused to sing. By the time the class went in he was crying. On Friday he had a pout on almost the whole parade and when they sang their songs and cried on the way in again.
Brandon had a parade and party at his school on Friday. I couldn't go to his parade since I had a parade at my school around the same time. Stu and both sets of grandparents went to the parade.
We went trick or treating on Halloween. Brandon was Mario and Wesley was a pirate. My mom made Brandon's overalls and I made his hat. Wesley's costume was purchased a few days after Halloween last year for less than $3.00 so it took a lot of brainwashing to initially get him excited about being a pirate but he was excited. Both boys were so into trick or treating and got a lot of candy.
Last weekend the boys went to a birthday party for their friend Jen. It was at a bowling alley. They got to wear their costumes to the party. They had so much fun bowling.

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