Sunday, November 8, 2015

Family Getaway

Brandon and I were off of school on Thursday and Friday because of teacher conventions. So Stu decided to take off and we took Wesley out of school for a few days and went to visit Stu's brother, sister in law, and nephew in Maryland. We left Wednesday after work/ school and got there around 9:45. On Thursday we went to Washington DC for the day. First we stopped on the way for the kids to see the airplanes landing at BWI and to play on a playground. We were able to see the Capital, White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial from a distance. We also spent some time at the Air and Space Museum and the kids rode on the merry go round on the mall.
On Friday we went to the National Zoo.
On the way home from Maryland we stopped at the University of Delaware so Brandon and Wesley could see where I went to college. It happened to be homecoming so it was a good day for us to stop!

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