Thursday, January 14, 2016

My 40th Birthday

My 40th birthday was last Saturday. It was a great birthday. The day started off with going out to breakfast with Stu, Brandon, and Wesley. Brandon's first basketball game for the season was in the afternoon so we went there. Then we had family at our house for pizza for dinner. Stu's family and my family were both there which meant so much to me. My brother even flew in from California for the weekend to celebrate with us! We had birthday cupcakes for Brandon and Wesley after dinner.
Then the celebration continued with an adult party. We went to Otto's for it. The owner was nice enough to let us have the restaurant section for a private party. There were lots of friends there; Ivy Hedge moms that I am friends with, people from the fire department that I am friends with, family, friends from years ago, and two friends that I grew up with. It was really nice being surrounded by family and friends.

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