Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cousin Time and a New Brewery

Nolan and Griffin were here last weekend so we spent a lot of time with them.

On Friday, Stu brought everyone to the firehouse to see the fire trucks.
On Saturday, Wesley and I met everyone at Freehold Raceway Mall to ride on the train, go on the carousel, and go to Build a Bear. Brandon had a birthday party which is why Stu and Brandon did not join us. All 3 boys loved Build a Bear. Wesley immediately picked out a Minion to make. He saw Pikachu and immediately thought of Brandon and how much Brandon would love it so he asked if he could make it for him.
Later that evening, Stu and I brought Brandon and Wesley to the Asbury Park Brewery. They had some games there for the kids to play when we sampled the beer so Brandon and Wesley were happy playing checkers.
On Sunday, we went to my parents house to hang out. We celebrated Nolan's birthday a week early and the kids enjoyed some play time together.

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