Saturday, June 10, 2017

Birthday Parties, Brewery, and Soccer

Last weekend was a very busy weekend. It started on Friday at Maddy and Joey's birthday party. Wesley went to preschool with Maddy and Joey. Their birthday party was at a kids "night club" in Point Pleasant. Brandon was invited too and both Brandon and Wesley had a blast. They played songs that the kids knew and they danced to them. They also did some dances with the kids.
After the party we went to a brewery in Point Pleasant that had just opened the week before. The beer was really good.
On Saturday, Wesley had his friend Mia's party. It was at a pottery place. Stu brought him since Brandon had a soccer game at the same time.
Brandon's team played Peninsula. They lost but Brandon played really well.
On Sunday, Wesley had two birthday parties. The first was his friend Lucy. It was at a gymnastics place.
The second was Colin's birthday party. The party was at My Gym. I teach with Colin's mom. Wesley and Colin were born 3 weeks apart from eachother.
In between parties I snuck over to Brandon's soccer game to watch the first half. They lost again but Brandon played great and had 3 shots on goal!

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