Thursday, February 19, 2009

7 Month Pediatrician Appointment

Brandon had his 7 month pediatrician appointment today with Dr. Kerensky. He is very happy with how well Brandon is doing. Brandon had 3 shots today. He is now done with his shots for the year. He doesn't need to go back to the pediatrician for 3 months. He is 25 3/4 inches long (10th percentile for his actual age of 7 months on the chart), 14 pounds 7 ounces (25th percentile for his corrected age of 4 months on the chart...he is not on the chart yet for a 7 month old), and his head is on the 25th percentile for a 7 month old. So he is catching up to where he should be. His head and length are there. Hopefully his weight will be soon. We got the go ahead to try solids but Dr. Kerensky wants me to give him a bottle first each time and then I can give him solids. He said to try fruits except for berries and citrus and vegetables except for tomatoes and since Brandon is not a huge fan of cereal by itself I can mix some into his fruit or vegetable. I can let him eat as much as he wants one or two times a day. He wants him to have a minimum of 26 ounces of formula every day but now instead of feeding him every 3 hours I can feed him every 4 hours. Dr. Kerensky also switched his zantac to axid. I mentioned how hard it has been to get him to take the zantac because of the taste. He either spits it back at me or clamps his mouth and turns his head. Axid is supposed to be much better tasting and is in the same family as the zantac.

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Kelly, Louis, and Ruby said...

Sounds like a great appointment! Good luck with solids. is great resource for info on age appropriate baby foods to try! good luck!