Monday, February 23, 2009

Scary Evening and Sweet Potatoes

Last night at 6:00 Stu and I went to give Brandon his axid. He likes it slightly better than the zantac he had been on but still does not like it. His new trick is to put his lips together and pull them back so that you can't get the syringe with medicine in his mouth. In order to give him the medicine Stu has to rub Brandon's head to distract him and I have to squirt the medicine inside his cheek. We were doing that and he was taking it. I put the last amount in and he swallowed it and started to choke on it. I picked him up from his bouncy seat (we put him in it to give him his medicine) and started to hit his back and it wasn't working. He was turning blue and wasn't responding. Stu took over and started to do the heimlich maneuver while I called 911. By the time someone answered 911 Brandon was not choking anymore and was breathing normally again. We still had first aid come and check him out and he was fine. I called his pediatrician to let them know what happened and the doctor was not concerned since he was breathing normally. He said it probably went down the wrong way but told me to start putting the medicine in a bottle with formula. We had been doing that with the zantac but then he was starting to refuse to drink his bottle because he still tasted the medicine which is why we had started to put it in his mouth with the syringe.

Brandon tried sweet potatoes today and really liked them a lot. He was opening his mouth for more each time. It is the first time he has done that with a food. Four days ago he tried applesauce for the first time which he seemed to think was ok but didn't like as much as he liked the sweet potatoes.

We also built Brandon's jumperoo which he loves.

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