Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pennsylvania Getaway

Stu, Brandon, Wesley, and I went away this past Thursday to Saturday. First, we went to Chocolate World which is part of Hershey Park. We went on a ride that brings you through the chocolate making process. Both boys liked it and wanted to go on it again which we eventually did. There were also a few characters (Hershey bar, Hershey kiss) to get our pictures taken with. Then we did the chocolate making experience. We had to put on aprons and hair nets and got to pick what ingredients we wanted in our candy bars. We then got to see the actual candy bars being made. We got to decorate the wrapper and take the chocolate bars home.
We stayed in a hotel in Harrisburg after going to Chocolate World. The next morning we woke up and drove to Latrobe where the Pittsburgh Steelers were practicing. The practice was from 3-5 and then at the end there is an area where you can stand to watch the players walk off of the field and some will stop and get autographs. We bought a small helmet at the store there for autographs and did get 4 players to sign it. We gave Brandon the helmet to hold and he got so into getting autographs. He was so polite about it and would nicely say to the players, "Can I please have your autograph?"

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Allie said...

The chocolate-making part sounds like a lot of fun. I am a HUGE chocoholic, and I wish I could do that someday! :)