Thursday, August 1, 2013

Silton Swim School

Brandon went to Silton Swim School for the first time this year. I had heard from friends who have older kids that Silton will have your child swimming by the end of their session. You have to sign your kids up for two consecutive weeks so Brandon went for two weeks starting in the middle of July. Brandon's friend Jen was in his group at Silton. At the end of the first week Brandon was not swimming and was telling me about the third day in that he kept sinking when the counselors let go of him. I was all set to sign him up for a third week because I really wanted him to learn to swim. On the first day of the second week something clicked and he started to swim. By the end of the second week he was really swimming. We went to a demonstration the day after camp ended to see what he had learned. His group was in the water for about 15 minutes. Each kid had two turns to show what he/she learned. Brandon was really swimming. With his face in the water and scooping with his hands and kicking with his feet. And he was so proud of himself. Later in the day we went to a pool party for a friend's son's first birthday and he continued to swim there.

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