Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brandon's First Day of Kindergarten

Brandon's first day of kindergarten was yesterday. He was so excited for school to start. I brought him to before care yesterday morning and he went in happily. He was then in his kindergarten class for the day and then went to aftercare after school. He had fun all day. He told me he liked school and liked his teacher. I couldn't really get out of him what he did all day though. I teach kindergarten so I tried to ask him if he did certain things (write, rest time, if his teacher read a book, etc). He told me yes to everything and that was about the extent of what I got out of him. His teacher this year is Miss Pembleton. He is in full day kindergarten. This is the first year that our school district has full day. His best friend Shane from school last year is in his class along with some other friends from his pre-K classes both at the public school last year and from Ivy Hedge. We have his back to school night next week. I can't wait to see his classroom and meet his teacher.

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