Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quinn's Birthday

Brandon and Wesley went to a new bounce house (for us) today for Quinn's birthday. It was one of the better bounce houses I have been to. They had a Dr. Seuss pajama bounce there today since it is Dr. Seuss' birthday today. The boys both wore their pajamas. Every so often the people who worked there stopped everyone and did games/ activities. They had 3 eggs hidden and whoever found them won a prize, did a tug of war game (boys against girls), had the Grinch come out to see the kids, and had the kids dance with the Grinch. Brandon and Wesley both got prizes for dancing with the Grinch. After the bounce time they had everyone come into a room and draw self portraits of themselves and glue on a Cat in the Hat hat. Then they had munchkins and green bagels for the kids. Such a fun time!

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