Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fleet Week and Slip and Slide

Yesterday afternoon Stu, Brandon, Wesley, and I went to Fleet Week. We decided to go see the boats that were in Staten Island instead of the boats that were in New York since we thought there would be less traffic. The drive there wasn't bad at all. We found a spot on the street and walked to where the boats were. We even got to see the FDNY Marine boat that is there all of the time which made Stu happy. We just didn't get to climb on it. We waited in line for a long time to get on the USS Cole and get a tour of it online. It was very impressive to see. Both boys said they had a good time.
When we got home we went outside to play. Brandon started talking about wanting to try to go on a slip and slide and asked if I could buy one. I had actually bought a different brand one years ago on sale that I never opened so I got it and opened it. Both boys had so much fun going on it. They especially liked the water that was spraying from the side of it like a sprinkler.

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