Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sesame Place and Toms River Ice Cream Festival

On Friday afternoon Brandon, Wesley, and I met my parents at Sesame Place. It was the perfect time to go. The lines were not too long at all. We were actually able to walk right onto the roller coaster two times in a row with no wait! Wesley had a lot of fun playing in the wave pool and was the bravest that I have ever seen him in it. Brandon enjoyed going down the water slides and even went down one of them in the tube by himself for the first time instead of in a double tube.
We saw the parade for the first time since Brandon was 2. We usually go to Sesame Place in the morning and leave before the parade starts but this time we were able to see it since we went in the afternoon. Both boys really enjoyed the parade and Brandon was in the parade for a few minutes, jumping over a rope that they put on the ground for the kids.
After the parade we went on the merry go round.
Then we went to see some characters and went to see one of the character shows.
On Saturday afternoon Brandon, Wesley, Stu, and I went to the Toms River Ice Cream Festival with Stu's parents. We got to sample 5 or 6 different local ice creams. Brandon also went on some bounce houses. The ice cream was good but it was ridiculously packed at the festival. We saw some characters there that Brandon got his picture taken with. Wesley refused to go near them.

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