Saturday, July 5, 2014

Silton "Swim Meet"

On Wednesday Brandon swam in his first swim meet at Silton. Starting at age 5 they have what they call a swim meet every 2 weeks so the kids who go for 2 weeks get to participate in it one time. The age 5 kids swam the width of the pool instead of the length of the pool. There were instructors in the pool with the kids to help if they needed it. I was so impressed with how much better Brandon was at swimming from the 7 days he had been there at this point. He was able to take breaths on his own when he needed to which he couldn't do last year. The only time the instructor helped him was to hold his hands when he lifted his head for a breath to help him get a little bit of a longer breath. Brandon got a ribbon for participating when he finished his race. He was so excited about it!

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