Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vacation- Days 3 and 4

We spent part of the day in Amherst on Monday walking around the campus and then we got in the car to drive to Burlington, Vermont for three nights. Our first stop in Vermont was at Cabot Cheese. We watched a video about how cheese is made and then got to watch them make cheese. There were plenty of samples to eat at the end of the tour!
On Tuesday our first stop was at Ben and Jerry's. We got to see how they make ice cream and got to have a sample at the end of the tour. Then we each got our own ice cream in a bowl to eat.
After Ben and Jerry's we went to Vermont Teddy Bear. We learned how they make the teddy bears. Wesley picked out a small teddy bear from there to buy. Brandon had one already from our last visit when he was 2!

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Carolyn Kingston said...

What a great family trip-you hit all of the great spots!~Carolyn