Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another Fun Week of Summer

We are really enjoying the last few weeks of the summer.

Last Sunday, we went to the beach. Wesley's friends, Dominic and Charlie, from school were also there so he had fun seeing them. He also saw another boy who used to go to his school. My friend, Nancy, from work was also there with her kids so we played with them for a little while too.
On Monday, we went to Hurricane Harbor. It was chilly out but Brandon and Wesley still had a lot of fun going on the water slides and lazy river.
Brandon is playing travel soccer this year. His uniforms came in so he tried them on for me. He will be playing on the Ocean Storm black team.
On Tuesday, Brandon had his friend, Brandon's, birthday party. It was in the backyard at his friend's house. They had an above ground pool for the kids to swim in and a trampoline that the kids enjoyed playing in. Wesley tagged along since the party was in the middle of a work day and Stu was not home to watch him. Wesley had a lot of fun at the party too.
Stu and I went to the Counting Crows and Rob Thomas concert that night at PNC Bank Art Center. It was a great concert!
The Italian Festival is going on in town this week. I brought the kids there Friday night and last night. Stu has been working at the beer tent with the fire department. On Friday night, Wesley's friends, Olivia and Kennedy, and their families, came with us. The kids all had a lot of fun going on rides together.
After Kennedy and Olivia left we met up with some of our fire department friends.
Yesterday, Brandon went to his friend, Colin's, birthday party at Seashore. He loved it! He not only conquered his fear of jumping off of a diving board, he jumped off of a high diving board multiple times. There was also a water slide that he loved and an inflatable obstacle course in the water.
Last night, we went back to the Italian Festival. We walked around with Tori and Lexi and went on a few more rides. We also went on the fire truck.

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