Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Lot Going On

We had another busy week with a lot going on.

On Monday, Brandon went to the orthodontist to get his palette expander removed and top braces put on. This is phase 1 of braces. He will have these on for about 8 months and then get them off and most likely get phase 2 in a few years. They should help with his overbite. He does not mind having braces at all so far. He picked out yellow and blue rubber bands (Warriors colors).
Brandon and Wesley helped make pizza for dinner on Monday night. They had fun putting the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on the pizza crust by themselves.
Wesley was at Silton again this week with Olivia. Their friend, Fiona, from school was there too. He came home so excited to tell me on Monday that he had seen her.
We went to National Night Out on Tuesday. We stopped by both the Deal Police Department National Night Out and the Ocean Township Police Department National Night Out.
Brandon had his last week of rec camp this week. When he was there in the mornings Wesley was at home with me. We went to the library one morning to get some books. They have a really cool kids computer with tons of games on it. Wesley had lots of fun playing on it.
On Wednesday afternoon, Wesley had his first swim race at Silton. The 5 year olds had to swim across the width of the pool. He was so excited about the race before it started but when he was sitting in line waiting he was crying. He said he was crying because he couldn't find his teachers but I think he was overwhelmed. He did pull himself together though and did the race. He came in 4th place.
On Friday, Stu graduated from the CPM class that he has been taking all year. His paper was nominated for the best CPM paper too which was quite an accomplishment since only 9 papers out of 100 students were nominated.
Yesterday Wesley had two birthday parties. The first was for his friend, Ashlyn, from school. It was at Seashore and was a pool party. The lifeguard did make him wear his puddle jumper since he couldn't stand in all parts of the pool. He had a lot of fun. He went off the diving board, down the slide, and across the obstacle course several times.
We left Ashlyn's party and went straight to his friend, Anthony's, party. Anthony's party was at Good Sports. Wesley did a great job playing soccer there with his friends.

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