Sunday, September 4, 2016

Last Week

This past week was our last week off until school starts. I actually had to go back for professional days on September 1st and 2nd but Brandon and Wesley had the whole week off.

On Sunday, Brandon went to the Red Bulls soccer game with my parents. It was part of his birthday present from them. He really enjoyed the game.
On Monday, we went out for ice cream after dinner to the Perfect Scoop.
On Tuesday, Wesley had his first soccer practice for the season. I am coaching his team along with his friend, Dominic's, dad. Wesley said he had fun at his practice.
On Wednesday, we went to Great Adventure. Both boys went on a lot of rides.

On Thursday, Wesley had kindergarten orientation. Stu brought him since I was back at work that day. He went to the classroom with his teacher and new class for a little while. He said he had a good time. His teacher this year is Mrs. Thorne.
Yesterday, I brought Wesley to Home Depot for the kids workshop. Brandon did not want to go so just Wesley went with me.

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