Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our Weekend

We had a nice, busy weekend. Wesley had his soccer game yesterday. He did well when he was in again yesterday and was right in the middle of where the ball was the whole time. What a difference from last year! He also saw lots of friends from Ivy Hedge and friends from his class playing in different games. He was so excited to see them.
Last night Stu and I got a babysitter and went out for our friend, Anthony's, birthday. We went to the Watermark in Asbury Park. It is a really nice place.
Today Brandon had his travel soccer game. He had some good kicks and had a shot on goal. His team played really well but lost 1-0. At the end of the game, his coach gave out 3 soccer ball pins to kids who had a good game. Brandon got one for playing good offense.

The NICU walk was today but we didn't go for the first time since Brandon was in the NICU since his soccer game was at the same time. I was really sad to miss it but I asked Brandon which he wanted to go to and he said his soccer game. He really loves soccer. This was the tenth anniversary of the walk so they were having the preemies all go on stage at the end of the walk with their picture from the day they were born. I had Brandon pose with his before his game. It really is amazing how far he has come from the day he was born.
After the game, we went out for ice cream at a place not far from his game.
Wesley and I then went to Target. He was so excited to use a kids cart to push around. Our Target just got them.

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