Thursday, October 13, 2016

Last Weekend

Last Friday, Brandon and Wesley had spirit day at their school. They had to wear their favorite team shirt. Brandon chose to wear his Warriors jersey and Wesley wanted to wear his Pirates t-ball shirt.
Brandon's travel soccer team had a tournament in Wall last weekend. Their first game was on Friday at 6:00. They played so well. It was a tie game until literally the last second when the other team scored and the whistle blew immediately following the goal. They had their second game on Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain. They played really well again but lost again by one point towards the final minutes of the game. They were supposed to have two games on Sunday but they cancelled the Sunday games since it continued to rain all night and on Sunday. Brandon seemed to really enjoy playing in the tournament. At the end of each game they traded patches with the teams they were playing which was neat.
Wesley didn't want to stay at the game in the rain so my dad took him back to Point Pleasant with him. Wesley talked him into bringing him to the arcade.
After the soccer game one of players on Brandon's team invited the kids back to his house. Brandon was so excited to go. Julian's mom ordered pizza for the kids and they hung out and played. We went out to dinner with my parents. After dinner Wesley posed for some pictures with some Halloween displays at the mall.
On Sunday, we went to Jack's 3rd birthday party.

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