Friday, January 20, 2017

3 day weekend

Last weekend we had a 3 day weekend.

Brandon had his first basketball game of the season on Saturday morning. His first game was supposed to be the weekend before but was cancelled due to the snow. This year he is playing on a 3rd grade/4th grade team. He has improved so much. He did a great job dribbling, passing, getting rebounds, taking shots that were close, and scored a basket! The basket is 9 feet now so higher than the past two years. He was really excited.
Later that night we had Stu's 40th birthday party that was rescheduled from when he was sick. It was at Otto's. Debbie, Rich, and Zack came for the night to go to his party along with some of our other friends. Wesley picked out the birthday cake that we had.
On Sunday we went to Stu's parents for breakfast. Brandon, Wesley, and Zack were all in their Steelers jerseys for the big game later that night.
On Sunday afternoon we went to the Titans ice hockey game. They play in Middletown. They won by a lot of points.
On Monday we were all off from school. I brought Brandon and Wesley to the Fort Monmouth gym for open gym time with some of our friends.

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