Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Break

This winter break was not one of the better ones we have had. Brandon had croup for a good portion of it and Wesley and Stu got the flu. I had to postpone Stu's 40th birthday party which was supposed to be on December 30th because he was too sick to go to it. We did manage to do some fun things before everyone got sick.

We went to see the movie Sing. It was really cute. Both kids liked it a lot.
We went bowling one day.
We celebrated Hanukkah.
Brandon and Wesley both got Hatchimals for Hanukkah which was the hard to find toy this year. Hatchimals hatch out of an egg which you help them do. You don't know which animal will hatch from your egg until it is out. It is then a baby, turns into a toddler, and then a kid. They have both been having a lot of fun with their hatchimals.
Brandon and I went to the Monmouth basketball game one afternoon. Wesley and Stu were still sick and I wanted to get Brandon out of the house since we had been stuck inside for awhile. It was a really good game. It went into over time but unfortunately Monmouth lost.
We stayed in for New Year's Eve since Wesley and Stu were still sick.

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