Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Discharged from Physical Therapy

Brandon had physical therapy today. His physical therapist hadn't been here in a month. That is the longest he had gone. He is doing so well that she discharged him although she said if I notice anything I can call. I asked her about his hips being stiff since the pediatrician mentioned at his appointment 2 weeks ago that they felt stiff. She felt them and said they are ok. She said if the pediatrician looked at him when he wasn't relaxed they could have felt stiff. She worked on sitting up with Brandon and showed me some things to get him to sit. He usually prefers to stand and will push up on his legs when you try to get him in a sitting position. He did really well with what she worked on with him and sat, with the boppy pillow around him, for awhile. I am going to definitely work with him and I am sure he will be sitting soon.

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