Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last RSV shot for the season

Brandon had his last RSV shot for the season today at Dr. Sembrano's (pulminologist) office. He weighed 16 pounds, 1 ounce so he actually had to get two shots for RSV. Once babies are a certain weight they need 2 shots instead of 1 because the amount of the shot increases based on their weight. Needless to say Brandon was not at all happy. He screamed and then cried and cried for awhile. Unfortunately Brandon is still not allowed out in public. There were two babies this month that were hospitalized at our hospital with RSV so it is still out in our community. Dr. Sembrano said I have to wait until May 1st to take him out into public to stores, restaurants, friend's houses, etc. We have made it this long already so I can make it one more month. His health is more important than going to those places and I would rather spend another month with him in the house than a week or two at the hospital if he gets RSV. At least it is warmer out now and it is ok to bring Brandon outside so we will be going for many walks at the park near here. I have to call Dr. Sembrano's office in August and they will see if we qualify for shots for the next RSV season. Since Brandon was born so early there is a good chance that he will qualify again.

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