Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting So Big

This morning I pulled out one of Brandon's first diapers (they were the size of my cell phone) and put it next to one of the diapers he is wearing now (size 2/3) and I was amazed at the difference in size. I also pulled out the first preemie sleeper he ever wore and put it next to one of his sleepers (size 9 month) from now to see the difference. He is really getting big. I also took a picture of him with his stuffed dog that I bought for him the day I got out of the hospital after having him. He was almost the same size at the dog when he was born. Look how big he is now compared to the dog. Yesterday I took a picture of him with his preemie doll that was the size that he was when he was born. I took a picture of him with it in January (picture with green overalls on) when I got it and he has grown so much since then even. Brandon continues to amaze me everyday with how far he has come.


Heather and Travis said...

We have several of those same really small preemie diapers. I think we called them "wee-pees". It amazes me each time I pull them out and look at them. The funny thing is those very small diaper were still a little too big. So glad that our babies are growing, growing, growing! Brandon looks terrific!

Kristen Foushee said...

Everytime I come across Kylee's little NICU memory box it makes me sad. It also makes me sad watching videos of her in the hospital. Her little cry was heartbreaking. I am so happy little Brandon is doing so well. We have both been blessed with healthy beautiful babies!