Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Starting to sleep through the night

Two nights ago Brandon slept from 7 pm- 4 am. It is the first time he has gone this long of a stretch. He woke up at 4 am for a bottle, then went right back to sleep until 6:15. Last night wasn't quite as long but he still slept pretty well. He slept from 7 pm- 2:20 am, then had a bottle, then went back to sleep until 3:50 am, then woke up and was wide awake. I had him settled and back asleep at 4:15 and he slept until 5:50. When he woke up he was talking to himself so I left him in his crib until 6:00 when I was ready to get up. Hopefully the past two nights are him starting to get closer to sleeping through the night. Until the past two nights he was waking up every 4 hours for a bottle. I think he had gotten in the habit of doing this. I don't mind giving him a bottle if he really needs one but the first bottle that he was waking up for he started drinking less and less of which made me realize he could probably go a longer stretch.

Brandon is getting really good at sitting up. He especially likes sitting up and watching Baby Einstein. Until a few weeks ago he wasn't interested in watching Baby Einstein videos. Now he enjoys watching them...especially if he is cranky. I swear they have some kind of subliminal messages in them.

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