Sunday, December 8, 2013

Breakfast With Santa

This morning I brought Wesley to breakfast with Santa at Stu's fire house. Brandon was sick so he stayed at home with his grandma. Before we went to the fire house Wesley seemed excited to see Santa. He has been watching Mickey Saves Santa on Disney Jr. so he kept saying Mickey Mouse and Santa are friends. When we first got to the fire house he saw a light up Santa. He walked over to it and asked me if that was Santa. I told him it was Santa but not the Santa we were going to see. We then walked into the room where the breakfast was and Wesley noticed Santa and clung to me and refused to sit down for a little while. He finally sat down but told me he didn't like Santa and that he was going to stay in his seat by himself when I went to see Santa. He finally decided to come see Santa and after clinging to me for a few minutes did let me put him down and was willing to stand in front of Santa.

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