Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Week of Summer

We had a very busy first week off from school. I picked Brandon up from his last day of school 45 minutes early because he was starting his first day at Silton Swim School. He went to Silton for two weeks last summer and came out swimming. They didn't teach him how to lift his head up from the water to breathe when swimming though. So he can swim from one person to another and then needs to be lifted out to breathe. I am really hoping that they teach him how to breathe this summer. So far he is really enjoying it there which is a big difference from last summer when he complained about going every day.
After Silton on Monday I brought Brandon and Wesley to Brandon's friend Shane's house for a pool party for the last day of school. His whole class was invited but there were only about 6 or 7 kids from his class who actually came. All of the kids had so much fun swimming together. As a special treat the ice cream man came to the party and each kid was able to pick out what he/she wanted.
On Tuesday Wesley had his first swimming lesson. Wesley and I are doing mommy and me swim lessons at Dorbrook. He loves it so far. He learned how to blow bubbles, how to hold onto a kick board and kick, how to scoop his hands to swim, and how to jump across the pool like a frog. I also dunked him under the water two times. Both times he seemed startled and then cried but got over it fairly quick.
After Wesley's swim lesson on Tuesday we went to play at Dorbrook Park and then at the Sprayground. Our friends, Justin and Colin, came to play with us there.
On Thursday after Wesley's swim lesson we went to Atlantic Farms. Both boys loved seeing the animals and feeding them carrots. Justin, Colin, and their sister Norah met up with us again.
Last night we went out to dinner in Point Pleasant for my dad's birthday and then we went to the boardwalk to go on some rides and play games.

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