Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last Day of Beginners

Wesley's last day of school was today. He was very confused about why he won't be going to school for the summer and not so happy that he will be in a new classroom with new teachers in September. I took his picture this morning holding the white board for his last day of school. I couldn't believe how much he has changed since school started in September when I looked back at his first day picture. You can see the difference by looking below his last day picture since I posted them both. Wesley had such a good year at school. He learned so much this year and matured a lot. He finally stopped crying at drop off about a month or two ago. He knows all of his letters, some letter sounds, knows all of his shapes and colors, can spell his name, can write the letter W and a few other letters, and can spell the word No.
Wesley and Ms. Kelly- she was his teacher for the past two years
Wesley and Ms. Brittany- she was one of his three teachers this year
Wesley and Ms. Cindie- She is the one who runs the school. Wesley loves her and everyday had to stop on the way out of school to say bye and get a bandaid

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