Sunday, July 31, 2016

Silton, Tennis, and More

Wesley went to Silton Swim School this past week. He will be there again next week. I was originally not going to send him this year but then they had discount weeks so I decided to send him. I am so glad I decided to. We went to see him swim yesterday and he is doing such a great job. He can swim with big arms and take breaths now, treads water for at least 10 seconds, and continues to float on his back. Wesley's friend, Olivia, is at Silton with him too which definitely helps him with going there.
Some of Wesley's other friends from school also went to Silton this week. They were in different groups than him but he saw some of them on the fields with him in between lessons. Here he is with Olivia, Santosh, and Raina.

Brandon had tennis lessons through our town this week. Unfortunately it has rained a lot this week so some of the lessons have been rescheduled. As long as it is not raining tomorrow he will have his last lesson then. He seems to like it and has definitely learned how to hit the ball over the net.
Brandon went to his friend, Laila's, house every day this week after camp since I was picking up Wesley at the same time. He had so much fun hanging out with her. One of the days he stayed for a play date for a longer time.
We also went to AC Moore again this past Wednesday for their craft day. This week Brandon and Wesley made owl sun catchers.
On Friday after camp we hung out with Wesley's friend, Olivia, and her mom, Brooke. We went to Skyzone, then we went out for ice cream/ donuts, then Olivia came back to our house with her mom and played for a little while.
Yesterday we went to see The Secret Life of Pets. What a cute movie! We saw it in 3d.

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