Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Zero Birthday

My parents and Stu's parents came over tonight for dinner. Stu and I got a cake for Brandon's zero birthday. We had a really nice time with everyone.


Sue said...

Hi Karen,

I think that he has your chin and cheeks....he's adorable. Happy Birthday to Brandon and congrats to you and Stu. Parenting is great, isn't it.
Love, Sue Kulina

Cathy Weber said...

Hi Karen,
Maybe Brandon will be the lucky kid on the block who gets to have 2 birthday parties every year!
He looks wonderful, and I still think he's going to look like his Mom.
Cathy Weber

Lorette said...

Dear Karen and Stu;

I was so happy to see how much Brandon has grown over the past few weeks since I last read your blog. I just wanted you and Stu to know how great it is to know that he is home and happy and doing so well.

Best to you all - Lorette and Fred Lacher